Multi Cloud Strategy

Multi-Cloud often used for any size of the businesses, which made a major shift.

The company that moves its workloads outside of its corporate data center into the combination of platforms, such as Azure, AWS, Alibaba, Google, Huawei, Oracle, etc. For example, an application in a multi-cloud environment may run all compute and networking workloads in Microsoft Azure while using database services from AWS.

However, operating and designing multiple platforms could be complex, especially for the new features, tools, and apps. Our experts will help you with this matter through every stage of these platforms. the stage including

  • Planning

    Evaluating the need for your infrastructure, and give you a BCDR service (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery)
  • Migrating

    Helps you to identify the apps and data, which makes sense migrating to the cloud, make a plan, and execute the migration of your data.
  • Optimizing

    Gives you the agility, performance, and efficiency on the right combination of platforms, we will optimize your configuration
  • Security

    Helps you to secure data, and apps from any breaches, and remediate threats.
  • Monitoring

    Check over the server uptime as well as the response rate, cloud based platforms, servers, websites, IT Infrastructure, etc.
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Cloud Monitoring as a Service

Cloud monitoring as a service is a type of IT service that provides both cloud monitoring and management tools. With ViBiCloud’s Monitoring system, we can provides benefits such as keeping a check over the server uptime as well as the response rate, cloud based platforms, servers, websites, IT Infrastructure, etc. Also provides a complete managed service especially helpful for cloud and virtualization environments in organizations.


By using collocation service from ViBiCloud, you can manage your own infrastructure in our data center facilities, so you can wipe out the complexity of your own data center. we also can help you in addressing your challenge, such as refactoring application, and guidance to maximize the value of your own hardware

The Benefit Using

ViBiCloud Collocation

Provides data center infrastructure & migration service

To ease your transformation


Increase scalability


Improve the user’s experience

Managed Services

Focus and simplifying your business processes with our best managed service. Choose a plan, find our services that fits your needs.
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