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Digital Transformation in State Owned Company for Providing Postal Service in Indonesia


This company is a mega logistics company that has been serving for Indonesian since 1746 and keep growing gradually each year. They have to transform because they realized: logistics industry has upped the game. Thus, this company needs to change their system into a cloud platform, starting with infrastructure modernization, as currently they are still capped on using on-premises servers that have limited capacity. On the other hand, they needed to also up their game along with their business partners, in an unconventional approach.


ViBiCloud provided the solution to migrate their existing on-premises servers into Microsoft Azure, which in it also runs many open-sourced-based web applications and APIs. Migration was being done through Azure Migrate, which is a service that helped them to modernize their infrastructure to cloud. Furthermore, the transformation to the cloud brings better performance and scale flexibility.


– By moving to Azure, our customer is now able to enjoy latest generations of hardware along with more performance, without worrying limitations of the past or procuring physical hardware and space to support its business

– Starting with using Linux-based Azure Virtual Machine, this actually unlocks further potential for any companies to transform. Moving forward, open-source based apps and API will get rearchitected to run on containerized mode, on top of Azure Kubernetes Service. To further secure API access, Azure API Management will be combined as gateway to access, for both customers and business partners.

– Another benefit that they unlocked when they have migrated is flexibility in terms of scale. This directly impacts them in supporting their ever-growing business, also in scale. To meet more demands or even opening a new line of business, they can scale in terms of infrastructure they are on and in an agile manner.


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