Optimization The Publicity And Effectiveness of Suara.com

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About Suara.com

Suara.com is a news portal that presents the hottest information on political, business, legal, football, entertainment, lifestyle, automotive, technology science to citizen journalism events. Packed with light language, straightforward and without prejudice. Information presented 24 hours, can be enjoyed via desktops, laptops to various gadgets or other mobile devices.

Spread Information Completely, Quickly, Clearly and Transparency

Present lately during online media, Suara.com is determined to provide new color for online media maps in Indonesia. In addition to the benefits of important news, it also presents interesting, unique news from various parts of the world. It is hoped that this diverse content can be enlightening, and inspire readers. Suara.com wants to disseminate information completely, quickly, clearly and clearly on all media platforms.
One support for this is the use of data servers. Suara.com still uses On-premise Server with the services it runs: NGINX, Redis, CMS, etc. So it is still not efficient and effective for the use of these services.

Migration and Modernize Workload Suara.com

ViBiCloud helps Suara.com to move the application environment and infrastructure of Suara.com to Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud.
The current environment will be migrated to AWS. The destination location will be in Singapore (South Asia). The process is divided into 2 (two) phases as follows:

Phase 1: Lift and shift migration to AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
This phase is moving the workload that was running on On-Premise to AWS cloud. This phase is the first to adjust to the current environment but there are different places to run it. Adjustments made on the infrastructure or application side can be said to be minimal.

Phase 2: Modernize workloads.

• Redis, using Amazon Elasticache.
• Elastic Search, using Amazon ElasticSearch.
• MySQL, using Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for MySQL.

This phase is the modernization phase of several workloads that were previously running on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) leading to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). The workloads that can be modernized are as follows:
The advantage of using PaaS here is that the process of maintaining service availability has been handled by AWS as a cloud service provider.
The final results of the work on moving this environment are as follows:


Reducing Budget Expenditures For The Suara.com Infrastructure System

With the migration of On-Premise servers to AWS Cloud, it can help reduce the budget expenditures needed for traditional computer infrastructure systems. With the integration of cloud systems, the budget issued can be adjusted to the amount of usage. Because AWS Cloud allows for “Pay As You Use”, so the less cloud needs, the less you have to pay, and vice versa. This is very useful to reduce costs, because the need to buy hardware needs that have a high price, can certainly be suppressed. Besides, the cloud system is handled by ViBiCloud IT experts. And they’re already certified.

Makes it easier to manage important documents and data on Suara.com

AWS Cloud can help facilitate access to important data stored on cloud servers. Of course, this data can be accessed if the device used is connected to the internet. Authorized users can access data quickly, easily, anywhere, and whenever data is needed. The AWS cloud system also provides advantages such as the need for work collaboration. Data management can also be easily done through a cloud system.

Increase Publicity Suara.com

• On-Demand
AWS Cloud service is provided on-demand. When we need a resource from the cloud, it can be available in minutes, even seconds. Just a few clicks.

• Flexible
AWS Cloud also offers high flexibility and scaling both vertically and horizontally, can be done quickly and easily.

ViBiCloud Team and Suara.com still working together up until now, to maintain and improve the cloud technology utilization to keep up-to-date with latest proven technology available to adopt in AWS cloud platform.