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How ViBiCloud Migrating Cloud Computing Technology for OPSIGO Company?

Opsigo Travel

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Established in 2014, Opsigo / PT. Reka Sinergi Pratama, Opsigo saw the market opportunity in the Travel & Tourism Technology. Opsigo believe that the aviation, travel and tourism industry has been the forefront of digital disruption changing the way people travel. Nonetheless, it should brace travel industry for another wave of digital transformation.

The Challenge


Need High Performance Cloud to Fulfill Their Needs

Needs to flexibly Scale The Servers

Database Need High-Performance to Serve Big Amounts of Transactions


The Right Technology

From Azure to AWS

We offer to collaborate in migrating Opsigo from Azure to AWS. Starting from assessment, up until supporting them in continuous fashion. This, along the way, also unlocks a new potential in scaling flexibly to support their ongoing business.

In the process, CloudEndure and DMS was being used. As part of the assessment in the beginning of the process, ViBiCloud leveraged assessment to divide migrations into several batches. We also enabled Opsigo team to do their own whenever the need for migration in the future rises.


On AWS, they get better performance to running the application. With flexibility to scaling / resize the server, they can easily upgrade the server capacity to handle increased workload on high season with minimum downtime.

According to reliability, AWS offer SLA 99.9% to ensure availability of they server and they get easier monitoring they server with AWS Cloud Watch to ensure the running application can running as well.

Contact Us

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