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Accelerating Corporate Innovation through Cloud Platform – PT. Bhinneka Life Indonesia

Table of Contents

About Bhinneka Life Indonesia

Bhinneka Life Indonesia (BLI) is a life insurance company established in 2016. BLI has protected more than 80.000 policyholder. As of December 2019, BLI managed the assets of the company valued at IDR 1,94 trillion. In addition, BLI is supported by more than 10.000 professional salespeople and 479 employees with 155 marketing offices spread across regions in Indonesia.

Begin The Journey Toward Data Center Transformation

BLI was using collocation facilities owned by a telco company for their data center and servers to host its business application and database. However, when its business started to grow rapidly, BLI found that this setup was not scalable. It had also met difficulties when it needed to develop a new platform for its growing business demands.
For these reasons, BLI was looking to migrate to cloud technology to gain more agile and scalable platform. ViBiCloud, as Cloud Solution Provider in Indonesia, proposed a two-phase solution. In phase one, BLI migrated its setup to a cloud platform based on Microsoft Azure Stack Hub and Azure Public Cloud.

Modernizing Infrastructure

When BLI had settled on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), ViBiCloud started the second phase, which was infrastructure modernization, using container based services (Azure Kubernetes Services) build on Microsoft Azure. Moreover, ViBiCloud also utilize additional tools such as Azure Apps Insight, and security tools such as Azure Log Analytics and Azure Sentinel.

An Innovation as a Key to Transformation

Cloud enables innovators to leverage skills available throughout their ecosystems to develop new operating capabilities that shift industry economics in their favor. BLI has utilized the innovative features from Microsoft Azure, such as Azure DevOps, Azure Monitor, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Network Watcher.

Increasing The Speed to Market

BLI has been using Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Public Cloud and the Vanilla Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure Stack VM for their microservices architecture. This setup has been able to accelerate innovation and business development, without the need or dependence from hardware procurement and capital expense that needs planning and long delivery time. By taking advantage of the agility of the cloud platform, BLI has been able to innovate by opening a new business line.

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