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Azure Journey with ViBiCloud

Operating on the cloud has numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes. Let’s start your Azure journey now!
Limited Consultation Available!

Limited Consultation Available!

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Why Microsoft Azure?

Azure is a cloud computing platform and an online portal that allows you to access and manage cloud services and resources provided by Microsoft. These services and resources include storing your data and transforming it, depending on your requirements.

"40% a number of percentage that you can cut your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when migrating your workload to public cloud. "


You are committed already! So, we recommend using this proven methodology to start your Azure journey with us.


Define migration strategy to adhere to business goals / objectives


Assess workloads for cloud readiness, workload’s criticality to business impact, and key personnels responsible. 

Landing Zone

Match key personnels to access matrix in cloud environment, set up baseline configurations pre-migration, thorough migration planning, and risk identifications.

Migrate, Adopt, and Innovate

Migrate and modernize existing workloads to Azure. Innovate with the new cloud-native or hybrid solutions.

Manage & Optimize

Operations management for cloud and helping to increase your cloud visibility and discover cloud cost savings opportunities.

Our Customer
Success Story

One of the biggest logistic company in Indonesia

click to see success story of Pos Indonesia

One of the largest and multinational bank in Australia

click to see success story of Commonwealth Bank

Why Use ViBiCloud's Services?

Enablement & Adoption

As a technology partner, ViBiCloud customers are guaranteed to receive benefits and use technology to support your business progress.

Advanced Support

ViBiCloud provides high quality service with 24/7 support for all our customers.

ISO/IEC 27001

It is ViBiCloud's commitment to always protect the security of customer data.

Expert Team

Our ViBiCloud team is always updated with official certifications from various cloud platforms

Mengapa Harus Melalui ViBiCloud?

Enablement &Adopsi

Sebagai teknologi partner, pelanggan ViBiCloud dipastikan menerima manfaat dan menggunakan teknologi untuk mendukung perkembangan bisnis.

ISO/IEC 27001

Merupakan komitmen ViBiCloud untuk selalu melindungi keamanan data pelanggan.

Advanced Support

ViBiCloud menyediakan layanan berkualitas tinggi dengan bantuan layanan 24/7 untuk semua pelanggan kami.

Tim Expert

Tim ViBiCloud selalu update dengan sertifikasi resmi dari berbagai platform cloud.