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Modernize IT with Hybrid Backup & Recovery

All in One data Protection Solution with Modernize Double Supporting Backup & Disaster Recovery


WHY Hybrid Backup & Recovery?

Highly Efficient

Using HBR unique data deduplication and compression, customers can achieve a data reduction ratio up to 30:1 & Able to save storage space, cloud traffic and improves data storage and transmission efficiency.


HBR appliance designed to achieve high reliability. the disaster recovery environment with Alibaba cloud provides 16 9’s reliability guarantee

Cost Effective

All data deduplicated and compressed before upload to the cloud, which saves bandwith and consumes less cloud storage space.


Realize the double security guarantee of data and transmission channel which HTTPS encrypted

How we works?

Hybrid Backup from on premise to cloud , can be directly connected the backup from on premise to cloud – Recovery can be do another tools injection for cost efficiency ex : Veeam / Carbonite

On Premis - Server , Mobile , or other Electronic can order which can start from customer needs :

Image Number 1

From Database , Application, Email/ file system

Image Number 2

Migration Implementation (Device/ virtual appliance - Transfer / Backup sync.

Image Number 3

Data Backup On cloud

Icon Number - 4

Data Recovery per day / week depends on customer data urgency

Hybrid Cloud Backup

What will you Get?

ViBiCloud and Alibaba will protect your data securely, with affordable cost and scalable for data stored in the cloud and local data centers in Indonesia. Your business will be able to reduce a significant amount of cloud storage costs while ensuring data security.

Hybrid Backup Recovery is a solution that allows you to back up data stored on best services from Alibaba and managed services by ViBiCloud. Hybrid Backup Recovery also allows you to migrate data from VMware virtual machines to Alibaba Cloud.

To simplify deployment in on-premises data centers, HBR tools were introduced to eliminate the need for hardware configuration and backup agent installation.

Let’s start your Disaster Recovery Backup with Alibaba Cloud Solution through ViBiCloud Services.

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Why Use ViBiCloud's Services?

Enablement & Adoption

As a technology partner, ViBiCloud customers are guaranteed to receive benefits and use technology to support your business progress.

Advanced Support

ViBiCloud provides high quality service with 24/7 support for all our customers.

ISO/IEC 27001

It is ViBiCloud's commitment to always protect the security of customer data.

Expert Team

Our ViBiCloud team is always updated with official certifications from various cloud platforms

Mengapa Harus Melalui ViBiCloud?

Enablement &Adopsi

Sebagai teknologi partner, pelanggan ViBiCloud dipastikan menerima manfaat dan menggunakan teknologi untuk mendukung perkembangan bisnis.

ISO/IEC 27001

Merupakan komitmen ViBiCloud untuk selalu melindungi keamanan data pelanggan.

Advanced Support

ViBiCloud menyediakan layanan berkualitas tinggi dengan bantuan layanan 24/7 untuk semua pelanggan kami.

Tim Expert

Tim ViBiCloud selalu update dengan sertifikasi resmi dari berbagai platform cloud.


Most frequent questions and answers

Hybrid Backup & Recovery (HBR) is for all the backup effort is performed in the appliance without consuming extra resources. It implements a backup and recovery solution easily, and acts as a bridge between customer on premise and the public cloud. The HBR appliance has dual power source, dual network ports, and hot backup disk etc, providing a safe and stable backup operating environment.

HBR can help customer efficiency their need depends on customers workload , if customers have to backup and disaster recovery daily we have carbonite solution to DR and snapshoot to backup automatically

·         Fast Deployment
·         100% software Driven
·         Freedom of choice
·         Superior Performance and resilience
·         24/7 Local Support
·         Local Enablement with Expert Team 

The period of subscription Minimum 1 Month also available Yearly but in cloud have 2 payment method which Pay Per Use and Subscription, which pay per use, we only pay what we use (ex: for small spesification or daily usage for disaster recovery )

After discussion with our Solution Architect team and we will help customer to deploy what customer needs, mainly implementation around 1-2 Days (Depend on customer workload escalation).